Whether you are born into one, or you make one up as you go along, life is not worth much without family. These posts either focus on family or give you a glimpse of my own.


When presented with an opportunity to hit the latest bar or double-down with my Kindle (and a hot mug of tea), I choose Kindle. Consequently, I spend a significant portion of my life consuming content, and I share the best of it here.

Long Form

I love to write and create original, long form content. If you are looking for some deep dives, this is the place to start.


I have always admired photographers. I am an enthusiastic amateur and there is much for me to learn, but I like to share what I capture. If you love nature shots, then you will likely find something to appreciate.


Some topics are too broad to cover in a single post. This category focuses on my multi-part series.

Short Form

If you do not have much time and desire a bite-sized portion of original content, short form is the way to go.


These posts document my personal journey with technology and examine how it is influencing our lives. Primarily, the posts focus on:


I use these posts to either elaborate on topics I ruminate on, or link to articles that pique my interest.



Achieve Nerdtopia With Alfred For OS X

Alfred gives me crazy, geek powers. You can have them, too. If you’re willing to experiment and adapt to new ways of computing, you and your Mac will join forces to annihilate inefficiency.


Getting to Know Ubuntu

Windows is dying and Macs are expensive. For people that need secure, reliable systems with greater flexibility, Ubuntu is an excellent option. This series will help you get started.


A Guide to Evernote

Having trouble keeping track of everything? Wishing you had access to mind-expanding, post-Singularity tech? We’re not there yet, but in the interim, you should become acquainted with Evernote.