A Few Advanced Search Tips

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Brewster Kahle:

The Internet Archive’s search engine is based on Elastic Search and implemented by Aaron Ximm. Learning how to use the search engine can help using the website, but also using the command line tools for working with the Internet Archive. Here are some tips.

Accessibility Features in macOS and iOS That Everyone Should Try

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Jason Snell:

If you’re someone who doesn’t have any specific reasons to go there, you may have never explored the Accessibility settings on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. While it’s true that those settings are there primarily for people who have special physical needs to modify how a device’s interface works, the fact is, many people who don’t consider themselves in need of any sort of accommodation can find something of value in these settings.

Accessibility has become a place where Apple buries some specific, nitpicky details about how its devices behave–and that’s why you should take a stroll through those settings sometime just to see if they solve problems you didn’t even realize were solvable. Here are some of my favorites:

I am continually impressed by the features that Apple adds here.

Injustice at the Border: How to Protect Your Data (Part 3)

Last time, I covered the first part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF) Digital Privacy at the U.S. Border guide. Now, I am going to cover the second part of their series, which focuses on the legal framework around searches and seizures at the border.

Keep in mind, this is only meant to be a primer. If you have deep concerns about these issues and need a greater level of detail, it might be best to consult a lawyer.

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Hello Again: Mac Thoughts (Part 4)

In regard to software, there are several kinds of applications that I need, and I have been happy to see increasingly good Linux counterparts available. In the next parts of this series, I am going to briefly cover some of the best ones I have found.

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