Injustice at the Border: How to Protect Your Data (Part 3)

Last time, I covered the first part of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's (EFF) Digital Privacy at the U.S. Border guide. Now, I am going to cover the second part of their series, which focuses on the legal framework around searches and seizures at the border.

Keep in mind, this is only meant to be a primer. If you have deep concerns about these issues and need a greater level of detail, it might be best to consult a lawyer.

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Hello Again: Mac Thoughts (Part 4)

In regard to software, there are several kinds of applications that I need, and I have been happy to see increasingly good Linux counterparts available. In the next parts of this series, I am going to briefly cover some of the best ones I have found.

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Injustice at the Border: How to Protect Your Data (Part 2)

Since I wrote the first part of this series, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has released a superlative guide on digital privacy at the U.S. Border. They have done things like this before, but since the legal context around these issues is somewhat labile, it is important to make sure you are getting up-to-date information.

Before I move on to my own technical solution for moving across borders, I think it is beneficial to review the EFF's Guide. Their post about this guide can be found here. It is broken up into 3 parts:

  1. Digital Privacy Guide for Travelers
  2. Constitutional Rights, Government Policies, and Privacy at the Border
  3. The Technology of Privacy Protection

Here, I am going to focus on the first 2 parts, and the last part of this series will basically be my take on part 3 of their guide.

Much of the information presented will be useful to any traveler, but I am writing this from the perspective of a deeply concerned U.S. citizen, and will correspondingly focus on aspects that affect this cohort.

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Workflow 1.7 Introduces Magic Variables for Easier, More Powerful Visual Automation

Linked by Paul Ciano

Federico Viticci:

With today’s 1.7 update, the Workflow team isn’t introducing Instant Variables. Instead, they’ve rebuilt the engine behind variables on a new system called Magic Variables, which completely reimagines how you can create workflows and connect actions for even more powerful automations.

More than a mere tweak for power users, Magic Variables are the next step in Workflow’s goal to enable everyone to automate their iOS devices. By making workflows easier to create and read, Magic Variables are the app’s most important transformation to date, and the result far exceeds my expectations.