Let’s Encrypt 2016 In Review

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Let’s Encrypt:

At the start of 2016, Let’s Encrypt certificates had been available to the public for less than a month and we were supporting approximately 240,000 active (unexpired) certificates. That seemed like a lot at the time! Now we’re frequently issuing that many new certificates in a single day while supporting more than 20,000,000 active certificates in total. We’ve issued more than a million certificates in a single day a few times recently. We’re currently serving an average of 6,700 OCSP responses per second. We’ve done a lot of optimization work, we’ve had to add some hardware, and there have been some long nights for our staff, but we’ve been able to keep up and we’re ready for another year of strong growth.

Trying to Keep the Internet Safe From Warrantless NSA Surveillance

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Upstream surveillance takes place in the internet “backbone” — the network of high-capacity cables, switches, and routers that carries Americans’ domestic and international internet communications. The NSA has installed surveillance equipment at dozens of points along the internet backbone, allowing the government to copy and then search the contents of vast quantities of internet traffic as it flows past.

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Feeling Safer Online With Firefox

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Good stuff.

Panos Astithas:

Firefox is the only browser that answers only to you, our users; so all of us who work on Firefox spend a lot of effort making your browsing experience more private and secure. We update Firefox every 6 weeks, and every new change ships to you as fast as we can make and verify it. For a few releases now, we have been landing bits and pieces of a broader set of privacy and security changes. This post will outline the big picture of all these changes.

SiteGround Auto-Issues Let’s Encrypt Certificates for New Domains

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WP Tavern:

SiteGround is now auto-issuing Let’s Encrypt certificates for every domain hosted on its shared servers. The company has also begun issuing and installing certificates on new accounts automatically after customers register domains or direct new domains to SiteGround’s servers. This also includes add-on domains added in cPanel. The certificates are also auto-renewed as long as the domains are pointed to the host’s servers.

Video Explains Wolverine’s Wonky X-Men Movie Timeline

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There are few movie franchises with as confusing a chronology as the X-Men films. There are other examples out there of course – the Halloween movies for instance, where the first two movies are canon, and then the sequels all branch off in crazy directions – movies 4-6 are contradicted by movies 7-8, which all contradict movie 3. It’s seriously nutso.

Then there’s the Terminator series, which at least has time travel antics to fall back on to explain why the sequels don’t really match up with one another. But the X-Men movies, which began in 2000 with Bryan Singer’s original film, and end (at least for the Wolverine character) with the recently released Logan, gives all those other series a run for their money when it comes to confusing timelines.

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