Injustice at the Border: How to Protect Your Data (Part 1)

If you follow this site, you most likely know that a large part of the content focuses on privacy and security. About 2 years ago, I said what I had to say on these subjects. From then on, I decided to simply continue linking to those who remained vigilant in these areas.

However, current events compel me to speak up once more.

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Podcatcher Polygamy: Overcast

I walk about 11,000 steps a day. During these walks, Apple's AirPods and a solid lineup of podcasts are essential to me. I love podcasts, and for a long time, Shifty Jelly's Pocket Casts has been my go-to podcatcher solution.

I still think it's a great app, but I know it is not the only great podcatcher out there. All this time, I have continued to hear praise for Marco Arment's Overcast. I spend an enormous amount of time listening to podcasts, so if there was a chance to improve this experience, I felt that I should check it out.

Here's what happened.

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