Video Explains Wolverine’s Wonky X-Men Movie Timeline

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There are few movie franchises with as confusing a chronology as the X-Men films. There are other examples out there of course – the Halloween movies for instance, where the first two movies are canon, and then the sequels all branch off in crazy directions – movies 4-6 are contradicted by movies 7-8, which all contradict movie 3. It’s seriously nutso.

Then there’s the Terminator series, which at least has time travel antics to fall back on to explain why the sequels don’t really match up with one another. But the X-Men movies, which began in 2000 with Bryan Singer’s original film, and end (at least for the Wolverine character) with the recently released Logan, gives all those other series a run for their money when it comes to confusing timelines.

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The Iron Fist TV Series Is Marvel and Netflix’s First Big Failure

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But Colleen’s brilliance also shines a light on the show’s troubling portrayal of Asian-inspired cultures through the lens of its white protagonist. For all the talk going in that the show would deal with the uncomfortable aspects of appropriation rooted in Danny Rand’s origin stories, there is literally a scene in the third episode where Danny—who really does feel like he’s that one annoying friend of yours who took a gap year before university, went backpacking in the far east, did some tai chi, and suddenly thought that they totally got the culture, man—explains how much better he is at martial arts than Colleen, in an attempt to show how much she needs his protection, in the middle of the fucking martial arts dojo that she owns. It’s not the only time the show goes out of the way to tell us how much better Danny purportedly is meant to be at many aspects of Asian culture (not just martial arts, but elements of spiritualism and even mastery of language come up across multiple episodes) than the many Asian people he is surrounded by, either, and if it weren’t so mind-bogglingly offensive in its execution it’d almost be hilarious.


Kid Crashes Live Weather Forecast, Predicts Farts and Toots

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Kudos to Mr. Ellis for handling this with such aplomb. I don’t think I would have been able to stop giggling. 😜

Boing Boing:

Jackson, Mississippi had some strange weather last Saturday – at least according to Houston, the energetic boy who leapt onto the WLBT weather set while meteorologist Patrick Ellis was in the middle of a forecast. After flapping his arms and cawing like a bird, and then appearing to fart a couple of times, Houston pointed at the weather map and said, “There are farts everywhere, and toots!”

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DNA Could Be the Future of Data Storage

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The world is churning out so much data that hard drives may not be able to keep up, leading researchers to look at DNA as a possible storage medium. DNA is ultra compact, and doesn’t degrade over time like cassettes and CDs. In a new study, Yaniv Erlich and Dina Zielinski demonstrate DNA’s full potential and reliability for storing data. The researchers wrote six files—a full computer operating system, a 1895 French film, an Amazon gift card, a computer virus, a Pioneer plaque, and a study by information theorist Claude Shannon—into 72,000 DNA strands, each 200 bases long. They then used sequencing technology to retrieve the data, and software to translate the genetic code back into binary. The files were recovered with no errors. We spoke with Erlich about the results, and what they mean for the future of data storage.

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LEGO Will Honor Women of NASA in Newest Set

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Forget a big time Hollywood movie, you know you are finally starting to receive the level of recognition your greatness deserves when LEGO announces they will honor you with your very own collection. This is just what the company will do when they release a new set that pays tribute to the women of NASA, including one of the women at the heart of the movie Hidden Figures.

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