How Stripe Teaches Employees to Code

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Ella Grimshaw, Stripe:

It’s easy for familiarity with code to become a barrier between different groups within a technology company: lots of companies have an upper tier of code-wrangling wizards that are supported by the rest of the company, sometimes known as the non-engineers. From the beginning, we’ve tried hard to avoid this at Stripe. In seating, we mix engineering teams with non-engineering teams. When we hire, we seek out engineers who are excited about problems beyond code itself. When we communicate internally, we make sure our engineering work is open and comprehensible to all Stripes, and that each improvement to our platform and even internal infrastructure is shared widely.

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The New Apple Campus Has a 10,000 Sqft Gym and No Daycare

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Cory Doctorow:

Construction is near to completion on Apple’s $5B campus in Cupertino, and the project has included many odd notes, like the insistence on not having thresholds on the floor of the doorways lest daydreaming engineers trip over them, and some weird ideas about where the bathrooms should go.

But of more significance is the omission of any daycare facilities, even as the plans include a 10,000 square foot employee gym. It’s emblematic of the notorious Silicon Valley tendency to wipe out work-life balance (a pattern often reflected in the products the industry creates); its long pattern of discrimination against older, more seasoned workers in favor of young and easily manipulated workers who’ll pull the long hours the industry relies on; and the pattern of excluding women from the workforce by failing to account for the distinctive needs of a woman workforce, including childcare.

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109: The Final Countdown | The Bike Shed

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Good advice from the hosts of The Bike Shed:

There’s a good career to be had in knowing JavaScript, but not necessarily being a developer…because you can make parts of your job that other people take a significant amount of time doing so much faster if you know enough to be dangerous.

There is no job that can’t benefit from utilizing automation tools.

Even if you have no interest in ultimately becoming a developer, just being able to do repetitive tasks much faster than other people can put you ahead.

Anti-DRM Artists March on the World Wide Web Consortium Today

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Cory Doctorow:

The W3C is structured as a “benevolent dictatorship” in which unforeseen situations are adjudicated by the Director — that is, Tim Berners-Lee — who is now at a crossroads, charged with deciding whether his organization will veer away from the potentially dangerous step of giving its members the right to sue people engaged in legitimate, vital activities that safeguard accessibility, security, archiving and competition, or whether he’ll give tech and entertainment’s largest corporations the what they want, over the objections of the world’s leading security researchers, new entrants into the browser market, cryptocurrency startups, human rights groups, Unesco, and public interest advocates.

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