New York Comic Con 2015

In 2014, I went to my first Comic Con in New York and it was magnificent. I only went for a day, but I finally found a place where someone like me made sense, and I knew I would be back.

I am not sure how long the love affair will last, but no matter where I live, I want to be near a respectable Con. In 2015, I decided to go back, but this time, I tried an additional day of geeky goodness.

I knew what to expect, so I felt better prepared than during my initial outing. However, there were some surprises, but I was ready.

Let's go!

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The National WWII Museum

Like many people, I have long been fascinated with World War II. I am not sure why, but I have a few ideas.

Before I continue, it is good to recognize that actual war is horrible. For a generation raised on Hollywood depictions of reality, this is a fact that is sometimes lost on people that have not seen combat. Like them, I have not had such experiences, but I have read enough about war, both from people who study the topic and from veterans sharing their stories, to know that the Californication of my peers has resulted in a generation that is often too amenable to hyper-stylized fictions.

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