How Purism avoids Vault 7 leaked threats “Dark Matter”

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Todd Weaver, Purism:

What these threats continue to showcase is that EFI/UEFI is an ideal low-level backdoor to control a user’s device without their knowledge, and the leaked documents shows how widespread these threats are against any user running a EFI/UEFI BIOS.

Purism is working hard to make its products immune against these threats by designing its devices to be able to run coreboot instead EFI/UEFI. Purism also utilizes PureOS (a GNU/Linux based distribution that does not contain any mystery binaries), so the entire source code stack can be audited.

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Hello Again: Mac Thoughts (Part 4)

In regard to software, there are several kinds of applications that I need, and I have been happy to see increasingly good Linux counterparts available. In the next parts of this series, I am going to briefly cover some of the best ones I have found.

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Anti-DRM Artists March on the World Wide Web Consortium Today

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Cory Doctorow:

The W3C is structured as a “benevolent dictatorship” in which unforeseen situations are adjudicated by the Director — that is, Tim Berners-Lee — who is now at a crossroads, charged with deciding whether his organization will veer away from the potentially dangerous step of giving its members the right to sue people engaged in legitimate, vital activities that safeguard accessibility, security, archiving and competition, or whether he’ll give tech and entertainment’s largest corporations the what they want, over the objections of the world’s leading security researchers, new entrants into the browser market, cryptocurrency startups, human rights groups, Unesco, and public interest advocates.

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Theme Developer Handbook Released

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Make WordPress Documentation:

After around close to 2 years of development, through a total of 3 different teams, we have released the Theme Developer handbook, thereby completing the Developer Hub’s goal of having proper developer docs for the main aspects of WordPress.

When I was creating the theme for this site, the Theme Developer handbook was an essential resource. Thank you to those that took the time to make it a reality.