Super Mario Run Is Coming: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Oh yeah, Mario time!


Nintendo surprised many back in September 2016 when it announced that it was bringing its most famous character, Mario, to the iPhone and iPad with Super Mario Run. The company’s take on runner games will see Mario run, jump, and bounce across colorful worlds, collecting coins and jumping on Goombas.Here’s everything you need to know before Super Mario Run hits the App Store.

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The NES Classic Is Preserving History

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Even with it not being the ‘real thing’, it’s the next best thing. The fairly low cost allows the potential customer base to be fairly wide. Nintendo’s curious adventure down this path does more than line their pockets. In a modern market where Nintendo is seen as gimmicky by some, the NES Classic acts as a history lesson.

Graphics, features and gimmicks are relevant, gameplay can be timeless. Castlevania’s level design and platforming is just as thrilling as ever. Dr. Mario’s mounting challenging remains engaging. Classic games, classic gameplay, timeless. For many, the Nes Classic will be their first taste of such joys, their very own history lesson.

A Parent’s Guide to Playing Pokémon Go With Your Kids

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While Pokémon Go is geared toward adults and teens, a lot of parents are playing it with their children too. I helped my kindergartener install it yesterday, and we spent an afternoon at a park looking for Pikachu. There are some safety concerns, but lots of potential for exercise and learning, too.

If you’re still not sure what this game is all about, read our explainer. It’s a free game where you walk to places in the real world to collect in-game supplies and characters. You can catch the pokémon characters almost anywhere, but if you want them to battle, you have to go to real-world locations called gyms. Supply stops and gyms are usually places like libraries, churches, and parks.

Best Mac Games for Kids

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The Mac is a great productivity tool for the kiddos (or anyone), but it also has a decent selection of kid-friendly games. iMore recommends a few. Check ’em out.


Gamers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages now. You no longer have to wait until you are old enough to hold a controller before mom and dad sink money into a console. Kids can game as soon as they can swipe their fingers on a screen. Mac games may be slightly more complex, but there is still lots of kid-friendly content that even the youngest gamers can enjoy. Here’s our list of favorites.

Free Mobile Device Management with Meraki

By now, you might have experimented with Apple Configurator and found it to be sufficient for your family’s administrative needs. However, if you are the go-to tech person for your friends and family, and are responsible for offering support to non-iOS devices, you may find Configurator, at least by itself, to be inadequate. Continue reading Free Mobile Device Management with Meraki

Controlling iOS Devices with Apple Configurator

We’ve covered how to secure your child’s Mac and your home network, but, for many parents, dealing with iOS devices is a daily occurrence, and the previously covered material doesn’t include information on controlling how a child uses Apple’s ubiquitous devices.

For example, if your child is using an iPhone, OpenDNS’s filtering will only work when they are using their device via Wi-Fi that is connected to your home network. What happens if they turn off Wi-Fi and use their iPhone’s cellular connection to access the Internet? Furthermore, what if you want to control the kinds of content they download from Apple’s App Store or enforce certain security parameters (e.g., passcode length/complexity, time to device lock)?

An additional tool is required for our arsenal, and Apple has a free solution that meets our needs. It’s time to learn about Apple Configurator.

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