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TechEdified: Moving On

TechEdified was a site that I started to help people better understand technology to improve the quality of their lives. By 2014, I decided to move my focus over to this site, and most technical information at TechEdified is now outdated.

For that reason, I have taken the site down. At present, my focus is on iOS, open source, automation, privacy, and security. Most of my original, long form content will reflect these topics, but I do like to link out to interesting stories, as well.

Over time, the content of this site will probably skew more towards how-to and tips-oriented posts, so if you enjoyed TechEdified, you should find something here to like. To keep track of the newest content, you can either subscribe to the site’s RSS feed or newsletter.

Here is some content to help you get started:

Also, I have started another site at It follows along the same interests, but provides content with a more opinionated take. To get a better idea of what I mean, check these articles out:

I hope you find something edifying.